Step by Step Instructions – Heating and Air Conditions Installation in Bluffton

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Many individuals choose to hire professionals in Bluffton to help them install systems like the heating and air conditioning equipment.  While that is a wise move, it is important to know the steps of installation just in case you must do it yourself. People with a little plumbing and electrical know how would find it easy to do their installations.

The installation steps cover the indoor and the outdoor units. You may want to begin with the indoor unit. Identify a suitable wall location inside the house. It should be away from direct heat and at least 7 feet above the ground.

Mount the plate horizontally on the interior wall by drilling holes to put in in position. Screw securely into the plastic anchor affixed to the wall. Drill through the wall to fit a piping outlet. The hole needs to slant downward for drainage adequacy. In doing this, consider the opening in the mounting bracket and the length of the pipe. Insert a flange into the hole.

Using the installation diagram provided, check and match the electrical cables. Fix the cable wires to screw terminals and then connect the pipes. Using two wrenches fasten the pipes inside the indoor unit. Remember to join a drainage pipe to the unit and confirm that it is working accordingly.

After securing the indoor unit to the mounting plate, the next installation is the outdoor condenser. Choose a suitable location for the outside equipment. Avoid dusty places and give it a 12-inch space all around its perimeter for optimum functioning.

A concrete pad will serve as the foundation of the condenser. Set the pad high above winter snow levels to avoid clogging. In connecting the electrical wires, remove the cover and set them as per the accompanying diagram of installation. Once you have made the connections, fix the cables in place using clamps and cover it.

Once you are done with the above steps, fit the pipes with the flare nuts accordingly. The next step is to bleed air and humidity from the refrigerating unit. Release caps in the 2-way and 3-way valve as well as the service port. Using a vacuum pump, create a pressure of up to 10mmHg and then close the pressure knob. Turn off the vacuum attached to the service port and then test for valves and joint leakage. If everything is working without leakages, disconnect the vacuum appliance and reinsert the service port and caps in their places.

Finish up the setup by insulating the covering of the joints. Fix the insulating material into position using a tape. Clamp the pipe on the side of the wall. Seal up the remaining hole in the wall. You can use polyurethane foam which will expand and cover the hole.

Doing the installation requires the careful following of the instruction manuals. Missing a critical step may mean that you have to redo some part of the process. However, the step by step instructions have been simplified to help anyone follow them. If you still think that you cannot do the installation on your own, request for help from an expert of Ac repair in Bluffton SC.  

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