Reasons why most asphalt paving experts in Frederick Md Prefer Asphalt as Opposed to Concrete

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The highlight of any home’s exterior is the driveway. This important feature is however affected by age, impact and weather conditions. The factors above may cause your driveway to either crack, crumble, or wear away. When one of these scenarios occurs, you need to have the driveway repaved.

While repaving, your contractor will give you two choices for paving material; concrete or asphalt. We consulted asphalt paving experts in Frederick MD, and they gave us their educated reasons on why asphalt is the better choice of the two.


  1. Lower Cost to Lay

When repaving your driveway money will always be an issue. No one wants to spend money on things that will not bring value. From this aspect, the asphalt paving experts from Frederick MD recommend you use asphalt for your driveway. Asphalt paving averages 3 to 5 dollars per square foot of your driveway. While repaving your driveway with concrete can cost up to nine dollars per square foot. The amount of concrete may be higher than the quoted amount when you select certain design elements for your driveway. Maryland Asphalt seems like the logical choice when it comes to pocket friendliness.

  1.  Weather conditions

The asphalt paving experts from Fredrick MD say that weather conditions such as extreme rain, snow, and temperature changes will cause your driveway to get damaged and suffer from wear and tear over time. Driveways paved with asphalt have been proven to handle exposure to such weather conditions by shrinking and expanding. This allows the asphalt driveway to stay in place while concrete driveways don’t adapt well to these conditions. The concrete driveways tend to crack under pressure.

  1. Easier to Repair

Concrete materials are usually difficult to repair. When repaired they leave a non-uniform patch, which does not look good on your driveway. Asphalt, on the other hand, is easy to repair. Just pour new batches of asphalt over cracks and holes. After the smoothening process, no one can tell the difference between the new patch and the surrounding areas of the driveway.

  1. Quicker Curing

As we all know concrete takes a lot of time to dry. If you use concrete to pave your driveway, it will be a while before you can use it. As per the asphalt paving experts from Fredrick MD, once your asphalt driveway is paved or repaved, you can use it almost immediately

  1. Better at Hiding Stains

When concrete dries, it is very easy to stain. Over periods of time, you will also be able to see cracks on the surface. This makes your driveway look untidy. When it comes to asphalt, its darker color allows it to hide some spills and stains. The elegance of this material that is asphalt allows it to retain its original appearance for many years without change.